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Exporting Spotify playlist to other music. Feb 22, 2023 · Select Spotify as your source and choose the playlist (s) you want to transfer, and then select Apple Music as your destination.

The steps below can help you: Free (1 Sync) Premium Playlists Synchronize.

First, you'll select your source, in this case Spotify.

Listen to TIDAL playlists in Spotify. Open Spotify and copy Spotify's playlist URL then paste it into the search box on TuneMyMusic. No limits on number of songs or number of playlists transferred.


class=" fc-falcon">Transfer Your Spotify Playlists, Favorites, Albums and artist to TIDAL. Configure your synchronization frequency and options. .

2. This iOS-only app allows for quick playlist transfers between 12 music services.

Depending on your level, you can make anywhere from $1 up to $14 per song reviewed.


SongShift. Download and install SongShift from the App Store.

Try clicking the Synchronization tab when the transition of the album to something like. .



Access to DAILY updated music charts on Apple Music, Spotify, Billboard, TikTok, MTV, etc.

This partnership lets users freely transfer their music collection between the various services they would like to use. . .

. Drag tracks, playlists, or albums from the Spotify app into the AudBite app. Free (one by one) Premium (multiple at once) Playlists Transfer. Transfer Your Spotify Playlists, Favorites, Albums and artist to TIDAL. Move a discovery weekly playlist on spotify to tidal. 5 Available Methods to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Tidal Free.

Alternatively, you can paste the link to the music in the search bar.

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Method 2: Use Soundiiz to Move One or Multiple Playlists from Spotify to TIDAL.

Alternatively, you can paste the link to.

) That opens Spotify’s log-in interface.

Music streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music typically charge.

Method 1: Move Spotify Playlist to Tidal via Soundiiz.