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1 VOC Multi-Purpose Primers.

JH3770 Epoxy Primer Hardener Dry Times. .

3 - 1.

Premium 2k Shop Primer– Activator: 9114, Light Grey: 9111; Deltron: DP40LF Non-Sanding Epoxy Primer Gray Green; DP90LF Non-Sanding Epoxy Primer Black.

Search “Bluetooth 3. SPI has great reviews, I haven't had a chance to shoot any of it yet, but plan using their paint on my next project. Signal word :Warning Hazard statements :Flammable liquid and vapor.

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. The two component, 2. Better safe than sorry.

The SHOP-LINE ® JP35x series primer family is fast drying and available for use in all markets. Hazards identification.

May cause an allergic skin reaction.

Better safe than sorry.

Primer Gun setup. I have done it both ways and either works fine just use the grit that the high build asks for if sanding.

This sealer has a 4:1:1 mix ratio and uses the existing undercoat hardener series. Member.

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SHOP -LINE ® JP37x Series Epoxy Primers are two -component, non -chrome coatings designed to provide superior corrosion protection and adhesion when applied over.
I know this sounds like being overboard, but the car is mostly rust free, and I plan on keeping it for along time.

JP33X Series 2K Urethane Sealers.

Which is better epoxy or etching primer.

SHOP-LINE® JP331 and JP337 are two-component urethane sealers for the national rule market that provide fast dry times, optimized topcoat hiding and excellent gloss holdout. 3 - 1. .

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I've used epoxy to spray some small parts and it's rock hard stuff.

<span class=" fc-falcon">Item Code: JP377-04 Manufacturer: Shopline Unit of Measure: QT.


Making the most of some early spring sunshine, Tom giving the John Packer JP377 Sterling EEb tuba a quick blast.